Sunday, 6 September 2009

What is 'Ideas for Sri Lanka' about?

Have a good idea for Sri Lanka that you'd like to share, but don't have lots to say?

'Ideas for Sri Lanka'
is for short, punchy ideas of new thinking, thoughts on policy changes and key initiatives that can build a better country.

Contributors do not have to necessarily 'justify' their ideas with a long post. This blog is about ideas, in one or two lines. But if you have a bit more to say, feel free to elaborate a bit on it.

Also, the spirit of the blog is not to have an intensive debate on each idea that is posted, but instead for each post to be 'food for thought'.
  • To one reader your idea might seem mundane. To another it might be innovative thinking.
  • To one reader your idea might be contentious. To another it might be refreshing and groundbreaking.
  • To one reader your idea may sound cliched and oft-used. To another it might be the first time he's hearing it.
As you read through some of the posts, you'll no doubt get the hang of it.

If you would like to be a regular contributor, we'd be happy to add you as one. Pls email us and we can link you up.

If you are not a listed contributor, and you have a great idea, sign up for Twitter and send us a tweet @ideas4srilanka. Had a sudden idea while on the move and don't want to forget it? Just login to Twitter from your phone or mobile internet device and tweet @ideas4srilanka. All your tweetideas will be visible in the twitter feed on the top right of the blog. If we like your idea, it might be selected for posting on the main blog, citing you of course.

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