Monday, 7 September 2009

Better railway connectivity in SL can build peace faster than any politician!

A better connected, more efficient and faster railway system in Sri Lanka has the potential to connect Sri Lankans with each other better than any other govt policy.If high-speed railways connect Trincomalee and Hambantota, Jaffna and Colombo and all the other cities, the socio-economic connectivity that comes with it will be better than any reconciliation policy would achieve.

If a journey of 11 hrs, can be cut down to 5, we’d see a Kaththankudy trader commuting to Kandy to do his business….and a Ruhunu lecturer travelling to Jaffna to give a guest lecture.

Osaka to Japan took a 7hr drive, now it’s a 2.5hr train ride on the Shinkansen. You have Tokyo residents commuting to Osaka when the new airport construction was under way. Labour was perfectly mobile. Sri Lanka needs this.

People from all parts of the country would travel with ease to anywhere, where employment opportunity lies. And return home for the weekend. Connectivity is key. And connectivity fosters peace.

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