Wednesday, 16 September 2009

More traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and spot fines!

Most Sri Lankans use public transport, walking to and from the bus stop to get to work, school or the shops, day in and day out, sun or rain. Try crossing the road and you will begin the understand the dangers of even standing by the roadside, hoping for someone, anyone, to stop and let you cross.

Most of the zebra crossings are gone, washed away by yet another ill-planned road construction. When they re-emerge they show up in places such as right in front of a bus-stand. The traffic lights often don't work, even in the busiest streets. There are fewer to be seen as you move away from the city to the suburbs and into the regions.

As urban planning goes, we have none of that. But surely, how much does it take to protect the life and limbs of us law abiding, tax-paying, long-suffering Sri Lankan pedestrians? Can someone write up a funding proposal to our friends in the ADB for example, to bring back our pedestrian crossings and traffic lights? There is all this money they put into builing roads to far and distant places while we rush across the Galle Road, avoiding yet another private bus screeching towards us!

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